Opportunites to attend Hydrotheray sessions in Gloucestershire are limited and children in the Forest of Dean who would benefit from this therapy face a long journey to the Milestone School in Gloucester
Hydrotherapy provides fortnightly sessions at a local hydro pool for children currently attending the Opportunity Centre who benefit from this activity. Hydrotherapy is very beneficial to these children; warm water relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain and supports their body weight enabling them to move in ways not possible out of the water. This activity in turn improves co-ordination and muscle strength helping to develop gross motor control. Hydrotherapy relies on its mechanical and thermal effects, in order to induce healing. It takes advantage of the body’s reaction to cold or hot stimuli, the pressure exerted by water, the protracted application of heat as well as the sensation of the water.
We are able to support 4 children every other week with 2 half hour hydrotherapy sessions available for 2 children at a time.
Children attend hydrotherapy at a school 20 miles away but only go monthly due to time constraints and cost. For these children to benefit fully we want them to go to a local pool, fortnightly to support their physical and social development giving them the best outlook possible.
The pool we use is at the Stowfield Day Service Centre for special needs run by the Orchard Trust, a local charity. This is a few miles from our Centre offering a better experience for the children with less travelling time. In addition to the hydro pool the Centre has a Rebound trampoline we could use for Rebound physiotherapy and a fully accessible activity park, sensory garden, smallholding, woodland walk and outdoor classroom.
Staffing for the hydrotherapy will necessarily be very high with one to one support required for each child in the water and an additional staff member poolside to assist transfer into the pool and changing etc. The Orchard Trust supply a qualified lifeguard as part of the pool hire cost.