The group is run weekly and has a specific routine to enable the children to develop personal, social and emotional needs. The session begins with a ‘hello’ song to each individual child. Each child’s name is signed and verbally spoken. This encourages eye contact, listening and communicating with our peers.


Tap Tap box activity promotes listening, turn-taking, anticipation and observation of peers. Each child in turn selects an item from the box and the item selected is signed and modelled as a rhyme is sung – for example, a brush would indicate brushing your hair.


We include a short activity each week for 10-15 minutes, with crafts, water and playdough, to allow children to socialise and learn through play. The session has a snack time – encouraging and supporting children to sit at a table, observe, share and join in with eating the snack on offer.


In the sensory room ‘Music & Movement’ is played – a structured music activity promoting movement. Adults support children throughout this activity.


A short story and ‘goodbye’ routine brings the session to an end.