Term Times 2021 – 2022


We follow the term times as set out for schools by Gloucestershire Council.  Each year we allocate 5 days to keep our staff training up to date.  These days, known as INSET days are decided by us and we will notify you, usually at the start of each term when they will be.  We have used 2 this year and will allocate the remaining 3 in the new year.


The link below will take you to the Gloucestershire Term Times webpage, where you will be able to print out a handy calendar


Gloucestershire school Term dates – Gloucestershire County Council


Term 1

Inset Days Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd September

Starts – Monday 6th September 2021

Ends – Friday 22nd October 2021


Term 2

Starts – Monday 1st November 2021

Ends – Friday 17th December 2021


Term 3

Starts – Tuesday 4th January 2022

Ends – Friday 18th February 2022


Term 4 

Starts – Monday 28th February 2022

Ends – Friday 8th April 2022


Term 5

Starts – Monday 25th April 2022

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2022

Ends – Friday 27th May 2022


Term 6

Starts – Monday 6th June 2022

Ends – Friday 22nd July 2022