Snacks & Lunchtime

Rising 3’s and Preschool

Snack time and lunchtime at The Opportunity Centre is a chance for the children to be together. It is proven that we all eat better together. The children are seated around a table, providing time for them to connect with each other. As well as focusing on food we focus on each other and enjoy the positive time and company that this provides.


Under 2’s

Where possible we try to bring all our children together to eat, but we understand that most of our children in the under 2’s group have their own routine, so it may not be possible to eat as part of a group.

Snack Time

Fresh pasteurised milk and water are offered every day, as well as a healthy and varied snack, including fruit, cereal, crackers, cheeses yoghurt and toast. Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day. Please keep us updated about your child’s dietary needs/allergies so that we can tailor our snack offering accordingly. You may like to bring in some fruit or vegetables on occasions to contribute to snack time- this would broaden the variety we can offer (and it’s also very exciting if it’s home grown). We like to use snack time as an opportunity to talk about food, where it comes from and why it is good for us, and occasionally the children are involved in cooking or preparing food for snack time.


Eating lunch with their friends is an exciting opportunity for your child. If they are staying all day, they will need to bring in a packed lunch provided by you from home. The lunch should be healthy and varied with no fizzy drinks or sweets. Remember less is more, a child can be overwhelmed with choice in a lunchbox, we suggest no more than 5 items, which could include a sandwich/wrap/cracker, fruit, yoghurt, and maybe some crisps or small cake.

If items need to be chilled or refrigerated, please include an ice pack as we do not have the facilities to store items in a fridge. We encourage your child to eat independently but our staff are on hand to help.

We are rated 5 * by FDDC