Childhood sleep problems are very common and can have a serious impact on the emotional, physical and mental health of the child and the whole family. Sleep problems in children are often behavioural and can include difficulty falling asleep, frequent night waking, not staying in their own bed and early morning waking. Establishing good sleep patterns can help support a child’s development ensuring they can reach their full potential.


Our family support worker Claire Leighton is a Sleep Practitioner and has been trained and accredited by The Children’s Sleep Charity. Claire runs single day sleep workshops or a 5-week course consisting of 2 hours per week. The workshops provide a supportive and enabling environment in which parents can share stories and discuss the impact that sleep problems are having on their family.


During the workshops you will explore sleep cycles, sleep associations and bedtime routines and will be asked to keep a sleep diary. Strategies to resolve sleep problems may include:


Introducing sleepy foods

Removing or reducing screen time in the hour before bedtime

Ensuring plenty of natural daylight

Revising the bedtime routine

Promoting self-settling skills

Developing communication plans

Developing behaviour plans


Claire works closely with parents to ensure the plan developed is individualised and achievable for all involved. Tackling sleep problems is hard work and requires commitment and consistency, but parents will be supported through the process with on-going phone calls, emails and a regular sleep support group.


***Next sleep workshop dates 20th March 2019 9.30am-2.30pm and 12th June 2019 9.30am-2.30pm***


If you are interested in registering for this course, please call the centre on 01594 837552, or email and ask for a booking form.


“Thankyou for a great course, I’ve come away feeling a lot more positive and feel that I’ve learnt so much from it”


“After 10 years of struggle on and off, I am finally beginning to enjoy my children and have a better relationship. This would not have been possible without your help and I am forever grateful for all you have done and all the support you give”


“I hope more parents learn about the course and understand that giving up is not the answer. Had I not cried out for help I would not be where I am now. I used to feel that I was failing as a mum, due to being tired and irritable, now being a mum is better than it has ever been”