Children learn through their senses. Sensory play stimulates the neural pathways and is a crucial part of early brain development. Any play that stimulates the senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste etc.) is considered sensory play.

Sometimes a child can be sensitive to certain sensory stimulation. For example, they may find loud noises distressing, struggle with eating foods of particular consistencies, dislike touching items of certain textures, or even have an aversion to being touched themselves.


Sensory issues can often be behavioural, and here at the Centre we run workshops with parents to support a gradual exposure of the sensory stimulation to help the child overcome their difficulties. We also run courses for support staff in childcare settings to cover the theory behind sensory issues and practical approaches to support a child in certain situations.

If you are a parent or support staff of a child with sensory issues and are interested in attending a workshop, please call the Centre on 01594 837552, or email