Forest of Dean Children's Opportunity Centre | Pre-School
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Children from 2 years old can start in our mixed aged groups. All sessions are fully integrated and inclusive, 50% of the children have a special need and 50% do not.

The sessions provide a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment to encourage all of our children to reach their full potential.

We work hard to support each child’s individual skills and use their interests to support our further planning.

We assess how children are learning and developing by observing them frequently. We use information that we gain from observations, as well as from photographs or videos of the children, to document their progress and to look at next steps.
We believe that parents know their children best and we ask them to contribute to assessment by sharing information about what their children like to do at home, by using our new online system Tapestry.

At the Centre we maintain a high ratio of adults to children in the groups that is set through the Welfare Requirements. We also have our volunteer helpers and students, where possible, to compliment these ratios.

For more information or to look around the centre please contact the Centre or call 01594 837552.