SEN Support

The Opportunity Centre has its roots firmly based in giving all children the best support possible, and as the parent or carer of a child with additional needs you will know the extra understanding, support and encouragement you require. Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is there not only to support your little one as they begin their early years education but for the whole family, ensuring you feel supported at each stage of the journey.


The Graduated Pathway is Gloucestershire’s response to ensuring early help is available to all children with educational, social, emotional needs or a disability. Working within the guidance of The Graduated Pathway our SENCO will formulate a plan to ensure the care your child receives during their early years is supported by the correct professional. The continued assessment using the EYFS gives us the tools to formulate a plan for the years ahead.


The process of The Graduated Pathway involves several stages, My Profile, My Plan, My assessment, My Plan +, leading to an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The aim of each stage is to bring together the assessment of your child’s needs from the professional involved, we can then look at the whole picture and plan for the next steps. The Stages depend on how much support your child will benefit from. The Graduated Pathway is a journey that can change direction, and it may be that after targeted input your child no longer needs additional support. My Plan and My Plan+ are designed with this in mind, allowing us to adapt our teaching and to support to whatever is relevant for each child.


We are proud of the relationships we build with our families and communication is a key factor. Our SENCO will remain in touch throughout the process, and remain on hand to explain any development or progress. Review meetings happen each term and we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

To give the best possible care for children that need extra help we have access to a fantastic support network of professionals in Gloucestershire which include:

Advisory Teachers – this service works with the parents/carers and the setting to meet the needs of individual children and ensure their inclusion in the full range of the EYFS

Children’s Occupational Therapy Service – addresses the needs of  children/young people who have difficulties managing their activities of daily living and developing functioning skills, such as bathing, showering, toileting, dressing, eating.

Children’s Physiotherapy – supporting children & young people with a range of conditions by providing them and their families with support, advice and physical intervention to promote optimum outcomes for the child and their family

Community Social Workers – qualified Social Workers who work with professionals to assist them in managing family situations in need of support.

Early Help Co-ordinators – support settings with the Graduated Pathway of Early Help and Support.

Educational Psychology Service – a comprehensive psychology service fro children, young people and their families.  The Educational Psychologists use their knowledge of psychology, child development and social interaction to promote young peoples development, learning and well-being.

Health Visiting Team – provide expert advice, support and interventions to all families with children in their first years of life.  Health Visitors are uniquely placed to identify any need (including safeguarding needs) and promote early intervention by referring them to existing local services.

School Nursing Team – provide a public health nursing service for school – aged children and young people in community setting.  They work in team providing support for all children and their families in school and local communities.

SEND Early Help Advisors – support and advise parents/carers, professional, practitioners, early years providers and schools in order to promote inclusion, raise aspiration and improve outcomes for children with Special Educations Needs and Disability (SEND)

Speech & Language Therapy (Children) – this is a countrywide specialist service for children & young people, their families and carers.  They support difficulties with speech, language, communication, feeding or swallowing

2gether Children & Young People Service  – formally known as CAMHS, this service provides mental health support to children and young people.  They work in partnership with schools, GP’s, health and social care and other services.