Forest of Dean Children's Opportunity Centre | Little Fledglings
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Little Fledglings


This is a structured group for children aged between 2 and 4 years old, who have a disability. The aim of the group is to help develop better co-ordination, self help skills, improved concentration and encourage speech and language/communication.

This group is run with a high ratio of experienced and qualified staff. Volunteers also give support within this group.

The children who attend this group each have their own individual targets which have been set in consultation with parents, other professionals and Centre staff.
Activities are planned to include these targets and resources are used which take into account the individual child’s needs. This helps children who may have difficulties in certain areas to experience success instead of failure and targets become achievable.

The session is planned to be consistent, so children become familiar with it and are able to follow the routine. This helps the child develop confidence and positive self esteem whilst also helping to develop skills in all areas of development.

Please call the Centre for more information on days and times of this group.

01594 837552