Forest of Dean Children's Opportunity Centre | Family Services
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Family Services


The role of the Centre Manager is to manage the day to day running of the Centre as well as providing support to families that have a child with a special need/disability from birth to seven. The support provided to families can be whatever the need is for that family at the time.

Examples of some of the support available are:

  • Home visiting, either on a regular basis or as and when the family request it. Some families just feel the need for somebody to talk things through with, who can listen to any concerns or issues they may have regarding their child’s disability and answer questions you may have. For some families it may be that they do not want to access groups or services within the Centre at that particular time, or they may be accessing services elsewhere. This does not matter, because to receive home visits as a way of support only requires the family/child to be living within the whole of the Forest of Dean area. You do not have to be attending groups or activities within the Centre itself.
  • Help to fill out forms such as Disability Living Allowance etc.
  • Inform families of what other services are available within their local area and county.
  • Refer (with family’s permission) family’s/children onto other services that may be beneficial to them.
  • Advice on issues regarding their child’s behaviour.
  • Ideas on activities they can do within the home to help encourage their child’s development.
  • Help in obtaining grants/funding for specific items relating to their child’s needs. This may be toys, equipment, clothing, household goods etc.
  • Accompanying families on visits, as a source of support, to schools, nurseries, review meetings etc.