The Centre is Awarded the Bristol Standard – Again!!

We are very pleased to announce that for the second year running we have been awarded the Bristol Standard.

The Bristol Standard is recognised nationally as an outstanding self-evaluation framework and the benefits and impact of its approach have been well evidenced. Through team reflection and discussion, the strengths of the setting are celebrated and future priorities become clear. The Bristol Standard enables practitioners to talk more knowledgeably about what they do, why they do it and the difference it is making for children and families in their care. Settings who engage with the process are more likely to be judged as good or better.

Our staff have put in tremendous amounts of hard work to ensure a successful outcome and this hard work is evidenced through recognised bodies such as Bristol Standard.

We have been particularly pleased with the comments from the panel who scrutinised our submission.

‘The validation panel felt that this was a wonderful submission. Your progress updates were beautifully descriptive and enabled us to clearly envisage the journey you have been on this past year. As a setting it is very apparent that reflective practice is deeply embedded. We particularly enjoyed how you have evaluated the impact of what you have done, e.g. use of Tapestry and use of technology.

Your benefits are really well described and the pictures show how much the children love being there. Really well done and we’re excited to see your next full submission!’

At the Centre, we are constantly striving to improve everything we do to ensure the children we work with are meeting their absolute full potential and are able to actively engage and have fun whilst they are in our care.

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